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Traditional Service

Traditional services at Stevenson Funeral Home are arranged and conducted by a licensed and trained funeral director. This service includes the use of our funeral home and equipment, vehicles, and attentive services of our staff. Our staff of professionals will remove the deceased from the place of death, assist in completing the required legal documents, prepare the body for the viewing, if you so wish, and transportation to their final resting place. Additional costs can vary depending on the choice of casket, vault, memorial urns (if cremated) and cash advances. This service also consists of preparing your loved one for a viewing in our establishment, a place of worship, or sometimes both. There is often a rosary or prayer service held the night before a funeral where refreshments are provided following the service. This rosary or prayer service can be delivered by a member of clergy, a family member, or a friend. A funeral procession to your loved ones final resting place follows the funeral ceremony, where family, friends and loved ones are given a chance to say their final goodbye. The family may stay as long as needed at the place of burial and the deceased is laid to rest upon their departure.  There is often a gathering after the burial with a lunch or refreshments where family and friends can share memories and thoughts about their loved one

I just wanted to give a HUGE shout out to Stevenson Funeral Home, out here in Dickinson. Last October, they did a wonderful job with the cremation and presentation of our baby boy Forrest.
With the passing of our latest boy, Leo, we didn’t get the option to cremate him, either bury him out here or leave him in the lab until we decided where to bury him. So I contacted Stevenson Funeral Home, who so generously offered to cremate him for us so he could come home and be with his brother. AND they’re only charging us a small fee of $10 for the whole process including his urn.
I was very nervous going in, with all this abortion talk, I was scared I would get laughed at for wanting to cremate a “fetus”. But to us, he is our son, no matter how big or small.
My heart is full knowing Leo can come home finally… I left in a puddle of grateful tears.❤

If you ever end up in such a tragedy as the death of a loved one, I highly recommend Stevenson Funeral Home.. They’re some of the nicest, most generous people I’ve met out here.

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