The desire to help others has always been a concern of the Stevenson family

Every individual is unique, because of this we at Stevenson Funeral Homes are committed to personalizing the legacy of life that your loved one has left behind. An individual’s qualities will be brought forth through detailed memorial cards, videos set to music, display of cherished items, and/or the use of our exclusive horse-drawn hearse, apposed to the traditional hearse. Additionally, our service to you and your family will not end at the graveside. We will continue to work in anyway to further serve you, such as: grief support, assistance in veteran’s benefits and insurance redemption.

Traditional Services
Cremation Services
Death away from home

Other services include:

  • Medical School Services
  • Organ and Tissue Donation
  • Social Services Funerals
  • Veteran Funerals
  • Support referrals after the Funeral services
  • Obituary notification through our website
  • Support, educational videos, books and coloring books are available for children to help in understanding the death of a loved one.


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Fax: 701-483-7901
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